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Writing to the image has been going on for centuries.  In this workshop, I ask
students to choose a photograph or painting they feel connected to and then to make of list of nouns, adjectives, feeling, colors, etc. that come to mind while they are looking.  For example, lily, pink. dancing, wonder, evening, movement, green, summer, dream-like, soft, swooping, subtle, etc.

Then I ask them to combine words in unusual ways such as "soft evening" or "green wonder" and to create a poem that doesn't rhyme, a poem that has only a two-five words on each line so that students can get out of the habit of writing in sentences or trying to rhyme their words.

on a soft evening
the wonder of lilies
dancing pink on green
a movement so subtle
the presence of flowers

Heading 1

river dragons and november 028.jpg
river dragons and november 023.jpg
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