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Carol Macy is a fantastic teacher and motivator for children of all ages. She understands how to bring out the talent in participants! 

                                                    Dr. Linda Neelly, Music Professor

                                                   Neag School of Education, UCONN


Scene from A Member of the Wedding

                 Steamboat Springs, CO

"Shortly after receiving my M.F.A. in Acting from the Yale School of Drama, I was invited to become a member of The Performing Arts Foundation's Arts-in-Education Company.  I was in desperate need of a model/mentor and Carol became my guide through this exciting "terra nova."  Her expertise, her passion, and her patience have continued to nourish me for the past quarter century!                                                                                                                  


                                   Deb Mayo, Assistant Professor, Dept of Theatre Arts, Stonybrook University, NY


"Carol has consistently displayed a comprehensive command of her craft and a unique ability to share it with others.  She is a consummate theatre professional, with the ability to lead and teach individuals of any age and background."                  
                              Gerald Stockman, Lighting Director, The School of Fine Arts, University of Massachusetts

"While I have no doubt at all about Carol's ability to teach a full range of theatre courses, supervise productions, and engage in curriculum and program development, I have an even greater sense of something special she brings to her work as a kind of super-objective.  Carol does not simply get the task or production completed; rather, she infuses her work with "education" in the best sense, teaching human values through her choice and exploration of scripts.  She questions without being querulous; she represents for me the best possible balance of head and heart, theory and practice, support and challenge.  I am confident about the impact she could make on students at any level as a teacher, director and friend.  She works equally well with children, teens, and adults;  I would unequivocally trust any of my children to Carol, which is the highest praise I can offer in support of a teacher."


                              Frank Bellizia, Ed.D., Core Faculty Advisor, Norwich University, VT











"I could never have received this kind of insight without Ms. Macy's efforts.  And the staging of Beloved, which was put on by African-American students not in my class, was one of the best educational experiences in the cultural aspects of this book that my students have ever gone through.  The benefits are simply too great to ignore."
                                     John Adams, English Subject Coordinator and American Literature Professor
                                                  Northfield-Mount Hermon High School, MA                                     

"Because of Carol’s leadership in our school’s theater program, certain students who experienced academic difficulties with other subjects were able to “shine” with Carol. Her ability to get students to take risks and to open up in ways they had never imagined before occurred on multiple occasions throughout her years at Franklin. Without Carol’s particular strengths in this area of the school, many students would have continued to go undiscovered or “under the radar.”                                            


                             Byron Crozier, College Counselor, Franklin Academy, CT






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