"To my Motherland Puerto Rico,

  Maria has gone.

  So sleep between the waves and the palm trees.
  Soon you will see yourself green again,
  and you will not see desperate people
  on all sides."     

                              -  Armando Tran
                                  Masis School
                                  Puerto Rico

Oh, Maria,
You arrived today.
Upon awakening
your breeze called out
an emergency.
Sadness anguish desperation
I saw in my people.
Everyone crying 

And the children weeping.
Today is a call of hope
for my Puerto Rico.
I call I shout against the anguish.
The children are barefoot and hungry.

I have seen the colors of my flag.
And inside myself I am stronger than ever.

Each morning opening my window
I let the sun enter in torrents of light.