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Carol has been teaching theatre classes, leading workshops, and directing shows for many decades.  She brings extensive experience and skill to everything she does in the classroom, at conferences, and in her work with community organizations. Both her research and her practice have proven to her that there is a clear relationship between theatre experiences and increased self-esteem in participants.  In addition, she knows that when individuals are physically engaged, a deeper kind of learning is anchored in.  Carol is currently a teaching artist with The Community School of the Arts

at UCONN and with Hartford Performs.  In addition, Carol has participated in the eight-hour Artists as Educators Seminar, Mapping the Journey: Planning Effective Residencies for Students developed by the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts.”



  • B.F.A. from School of Fine & Applied Arts, Boston University

  • M.A.  from Norwich University in Theatre Education


Speaker and Workshop Leader at Conferences


  • International Conference on Moral Education, Dartmouth College, NH

  • Bank Street College, NYC

  • Youth Participation in the Arts, Dept of Education, Denver, CO

  • Music Therapy, Columbia University, NYC

  • Foreign Language Teachers Association, NY

  • The Rochester School for the Deaf, NY

  • Conference for Educators of the Deaf, CA

  • Alexander Graham Bell Association for the Deaf, TX

  • The School for International Training, VT

  • The San Diego Institute for Arts Education, based on Lincoln Center Institute     




         Who am I?
I am someone who has always been passionate about the natural world, about film and theatre, and someone who loves bringing forth the creative spirit in others.  At a time when technology is such a part of life for most of us, my focus is to find ways to engage children, teens, and adults in experiencing a deeper connection with the each other and the natural world, and a sense of wonder about the process of creating.

Carol Macy (860-575-9490)



Q: Is it complicated to set up a workshop at my school or community organization?

A: Not at all!  Just call me to schedule a meeting and we can develop a program that will fit the needs of your                 school or organization perfectly.


Q: We have many students who are not interested in theatre.  Can your workshops benefit them as              well?

A:  Absolutely!  Most of my years have been spent working with students who had no interest at all              in theatre.  What I found was that these students were engaged immediately in my workshops.                Some of them went on to join theatre classes or to audition for productions after our                                workshops together. What matters is that these children and young adults appeared to                              develop more confidence in themselves as a result of their theatre experiences.


Q:  Do you really work with all ages and all populations?

A:  My work has involved students in pre-school, deaf and hard of hearing children, teens, and adults,          students with many different learning styles, children with severe language disorders, college                students, adults interested in learning about improvisation & scene study at The Old Globe Theatre        in San Diego, children and teenagers in public and private schools in NewYork, Colorado,                        California, Vermont, and educators throughout the country.



Q:  Can any of your workshops develop into a performance that can be shared with the student

     body or with a larger community?

A:  Of course!  I offer residencies that consist of one workshop or a series of workshops that 

     develop into a performance for a larger community.  The students you see in the video clips

     entitled On the Wings of Time were selected by their teachers to perform with me.  We rehearsed

     with them for one hour, and they performed in front of the entire school following that rehearsal.

     In this particular school, a teacher asked us if she could video tape what the students had just 

     performed.  This is the video you see, and although it is old footage, it demonstrates just what 

     can be done in one hour with participants.  


Q:  This sounds great!  How can we reach you ?

A:    (860) 575-9490.  I look forward to hearing from you !!


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