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     Workshops and Residencies

            offered in Schools

         and Community Centers

  • Writing to the Image:  In this workshop, students are involved in writing poetry to various images (photography, art masterpieces, etc.) and then dramatizing their poetry in small groups to music.  Writing to the Image can stand alone as a one-hour workshop, or as a residency that culminates in a performance piece for the school.   (K-Adult)


  • Stepping Into the Shoes of a Character:  The Dramatization of Literature.  This workshop involves pre-school, elementary and secondary school students in the dramatization of stories and poetry.  Workshop includes mime, improvisation, narration, and music.  Older students may also choose to script & dramatize key scenes from novels they have read in class. 


  • Bringing Lessons to Life:  This workshop or workshop series is literally designed with the classroom teacher and will utilize improvisation, role-playing, mime, narration, and music for the purpose of reaching curricular and humanistic objectives in the classroom.   (Pre-K -12)


  • On the Wings of Time:  In this residency, a small group of students will rehearse with Carol for one hour (see Wings of Time page) and will then perform in front of the entire school.  Following the performance, classes will be involved in the writing and dramatization of poetry.  






Students dramatizing a scene from a folktale.

Call me today!  Let's meet to talk about the ways I can bring workshops into your school or community organization for the purpose of strengthening self-esteem and bringing forth

the creative spirit in participants!

                   (860) 575-9490

  • Toward Performance


This residency is designed to involve students of any age.  An original show can be developed utilizing improvisation, mime, narration, and music. These shows might be based on a theme such as courage or the challenges of peer pressure, for example, or on specific subject matter such as a collection of original poetry or key moments from the life of a historical figure.


 A play might also be developed based on a work of literature and then  adapted for the stage.  Finally, a school or community organization may choose to dramatize a scripted play that has already been published.  Performance will be shared for a larger group whether it is the school or members of the community.  


Carol can also come onboard to direct a musical with students or participants in a community organization.  Included in this residency will be a professional musical director/voice coach/

pianist.  If a full-length musical is not in your budget, consider creating a collage of dramatic scenes into songs from the Broadway stage!                                    

                                         (Pre-K - Adults)


                           Faculty Workshops:


Through in-service workshops, educators will learn about the process of incorporating improvisation for the stage, theatre games and exercises, creative dramatics, role playing, narrative, mime, and music as a resource for reaching curricular and humanistic objectives in the classroom.  Participants will better understand the philosophy and the techniques used when leading theatre workshops in elementary and secondary education.  Teachers will explore the many ways in which objectives can be reached utilizing theatre as a resource.  The goal of this course is to help educators gain awareness and practical knowledge about the benefits of incorporating theatre into the classroom as a vehicle through which to bring lesson plans to life, as well as to develop self-esteem and creativity in students.  

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