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"And while the snow was falling, an icicle formed on the bear's nose."                     From The Bear That Wasn't by Frank Tashlin


"In addition to being a
visionary, Carol models
curiosity, sensitivity to a range of personalities, and a passion for theatre arts."
                  Denise Abercrombie
                   Fine Arts Director
              E.O. Smith High School
                 Storrs, Connecticut

I am a teaching artist, director and writer who has developed The Macy Method, a process     by which educators of pre-k-12th grade can engage students in dramatizing almost anything in the classroom by combining narration, improvisation, and music. 

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The Dream Rehearsed: An Imagined First Rehearsal of Midsummer Night's Dream by Joseph Brockett. 

                                    -  E.O. Smith High School, Storrs, CT                                              March 2020

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