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I am available to direct performances in Connecticut, or to lead theatre workshops based on classroom objectives.

I am also passionate about involving educators in schools and at conferences world-wide and will share four decades of research and practice in a manual entitled,
A Formula for Success:  Combining Narration, Improvisation, and Music to Dramatize ANYTHING in the Classroom.



Coming to Windham High &Windham Middle School
the week of November 1st 
I am excited to offer Windham students the chance to act, to sing, to rap, to dance and to be an important part of a show whose purpose is to celebrate the Earth and to sound the alarm bells regarding the climate crisis we are in right now.  Want to make a difference and to express your talents at the same time?  Sound interesting? Join
us for a fifteen-week workshop series that will culminate in a performance on April 6th. This show will include: 

                   Original dances
                    Scripted scenes

                Express Yourself!
    Make a difference with your voice!

             Details to follow!


The Dream Rehearsed: An Imagined First Rehearsal of Midsummer Night's Dream by Joseph Brockett. 

                                    -  E.O. Smith High School, Storrs, CT                                                 March 2020

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Bring me into a seminar for future early childhood and elementary school teachers.

Let me give them tools that will bring theatre arts into the education of their future students!

Bring me onboard as a guest speaker and/or workshop leader at your next conference.​

Check the "About" page to view the conferences where I have spoken and led workshops.

"And while the snow was falling, an icicle formed on the bear's nose."

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Call or email me today!  Let's meet to discuss the ways in which I can bring my strengths and expertise into your school, your conference or community organization!

          Carol Macy  (860) 575-9490