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"Carol has an incredible rapport with both faculty and students.  She has a tremendous, but very rare gift for engaging students, and helping those students realize their value as human beings.  She displays an excellent balance of nurturance, passion, and responsibility.  Her ability to teach our students and attract them to the world of theater was nothing short of awe-inspiring."                                                                                            
Dr. Tom Hays, Academic   
Director, Franklin Academy, CT

Carol Macy
Teaching Artist



Windham Public Schools,


I had the privilege of working alongside Carol Macy during the 2019-2020 academic

year when she served as director of the E.O. Smith Drama Club. Carol impressed me as a

consummate professional with a warm and caring spirit. She has a way of making everyone feel

comfortable, respected, and valued.

As a collaborator, Carol is generous with her time, advice, and support. More than this,

however, Carol has incredible heart. She’s expert at connecting students to each other. Carol

has a way of bringing out the best in her students--from elementary school children who played

fairies to high school students who starred in The Dream Rehearsed, An Imagined First

Rehearsal of A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

In addition to being a visionary, Carol models intellectual curiosity, sensitivity to a range

of personalities, and a passion for theater arts. She has boundless energy and a strong

commitment to supporting students in the rehearsal process. Carol embraces the work

necessary to create those magical moments on the stage. She pays attention to the details and

the big picture. Through it all, she maintains a sense of humor.

She understands the benefits of a student-centered, highly interactive, theater company.

Throughout her directorship I witnessed many students benefit from Carol’s generous

mentoring. Because she has faith in students, each player always delivers. In all she does, Carol

strives to create ensemble.

                                                                      Denise Abercrombie - Fine Arts Director -  E.O. Smith High School.  Storrs, CT

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